With 50 years of innovation and testing behind them, they are recognised as the world's leading supplier of safety critical electrical cable cleats. "Holding Power" is their guarantee that Ellis cable cleats will contain short-circuit forces - protecting your people, power and plant such as: Electrical substation, the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, Nuclear, Hidro & Thermo power plants as well as Oil rigs.
De Angeli Prodotti recently obtained an important Terna certification for the conductor ZTACIR Ø 30,00 mm. This HTLS High Thermal Low Sag) solution will replace the standard ACSR Ø 31,50 mm currently installed on Rondissone-Trino (Piedmont) line allowing repowering up to 33% and allowing to solve some bottlenecks in the Italy's Northwest Network, specially used in the import and transmission of energy from neighboring France.
Thank you for your trust and collaboration! We send you warm wishes for peaceful holidays, with your dear ones near. For the coming year, we are hoping for a solid collaboration and we wish you great achievements!
OPGWs serve as a ground wire and a telecommunications link at the same time. The basic design of NSW’s OPGWs includes optical fibers placed inside a central aluminum buffer tube, which is armored by one or more layers of wires to provide tensile strength and additional conductivity. The main technical figures of basic designs are listed on the following pages.
The SEGURFOC-331 and GENFIRE cables series are made up of flexible single and multi-core 600/1000 V cables. The design, construction and testing are compliant with the international standard IEC 60502 and the testing standard EN 50200 (PH120), withstanding temperatures of 840 ºC for 120 minutes...
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