Colossus Cleat

Our Colossus cleats are a direct alternative to
the all polymer (polyamide) cleats offered by some
manufacturers. The unique design of Colossus
combines a Low Smoke and Fume Zero Halogen
polymer frame with the strength of a 316L stainless
steel skeleton.
The strength of polymer cleats is typically quoted
in Newtons and depending on the variant, range
from 10,000N – 30,000N. On the same basis,
all Colossus cleats have a strength of 63,000N
irrespective of variant.
The composite structure of Colossus allows a
compact design, which in turn allows for closer cable
runs, in comparison to its all polymer competitors.
The stainless steel element of Colossus ensures
that the effects of UV radiation and “creep”
(exhibited by all thermoplastic polymers) can be
ignored. Colossus cleats will also retain cables
(whatever the mounting orientation) in the event
of a fire.
With its depth increasing across the range,
Colossus is ideally suited for cleating very large
diameter cables in trefoil (up to 170mm). The
saddled version of Colossus is ideal for cleating
cables simply supported at large centres, typically
from 3 to 8 metres.

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