General Cable Corporation’s range of cables is very extensive and adapts to the needs of all clients because of its great technological, production, logistics and after-sales capacity.The high safety (AS) EXZHELLENT XXI 1000 V cable series is made up of flexible single and multi-core 600/1000 V cables going by the technical name of RZ1-K (AS). High Safety (AS) cables are flame and fire retardant and the smoke emitted from them is of reduced opacity, they are halogen-free and the gases evolved during combustion are of low acidity and corrosiveness. EXZHELLENT XXI 1000 V cables are certified by the AENOR Quality mark (EQNet).

        Founded in 1808, La Farga is a metallurgy company that manufactures and sells semi-finished copper products and their alloys for the electrical, metal packaging, railway, tubes,automotive, billets and special conductorsmarkets.
Present worldwide, we have three production plants in Spain, La Farga Lacambra, La Farga Tub,La Farga Rod, one in the US, SDI La Farga, and two copper pipe distribution centres, one in France (La Farga Tub France) and another in England (La Farga Limited).
We are a world leader in recycling technologyand, thanks to our technology company, La Farga Intec, and its pending patent, we have sold our expertise in more than 30 plants worldwide. We also have three research centers that work constantly to innovate new products anddevelop applications in the area of copper and its alloys.

Fammsa, a company founded in 1977 and dedicated to manufacturing metallic supports for power lines (up to 400Kw), metallic structures for electrical substations and bases distribution and power transformers. Their facilities have covered surface of 20.000 square meters with the most innovating design and manufacturing technology to cater for the market requirements.

Our technical department provides our customers with attention and advice in accordance with their needs, in addition to dedicating itself to the analysis and design of new products (R&D)and the development and adaptation of existing products to the standards of each country and electrical companies.

       Began supplying products to the Mechanical Market during the 1930's. The Original Unistrut Metal Framing system still provides today a quick, economical and easy way of building both temporary and permanent structures as required by electrical, mechanical and industrial services. With over 65 years experience and investments, Unistrut have increased the already extensive product portfolio with a variety of Cable Management Solutions and advanced Metal Framing Systems.